Studio C

320 sqft Unlimited players from $35/hr


Room Size: Small (16′ wide x 16′ deep)

Minimum Booking

1 hr minimum


Free WiFi, Parking, Easy load/unload,

Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Cymbals available for rent.
Strings, Picks, Sticks, Ear Plugs for sale. As well as cold beverages and snacks.

Studio Rules

Play loud! 

Have fun!

No smoking, No parties, No drinks on amps!

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PA System
Fully accessible 12 channel mixer
JBL playback monitors (double 10" and horn)
Shure SM-58 mics

All PA systems have bluetooth access allowing you to play music directly from any blue tooth device.

Guitar Amps & Cabinets
Fender ProSonic w/Classic Mesa Boogie cabinet
Marshall AVH-50 Valvestate 2000 w/Marshall cabinet
Roland JC120 2×12 combo amp (available by request)

Bass Amp
Ampeg SVT 350 w/Ampeg SVT cabinet

Drum Set
5 Piece Gretsch Blackhawk set w/hardware (no cymbals)
We supply 4 boom stands, hi-hat stand, throne, kick drum pedal (double bass pedal upon request and availability at no additional cost)

Please note! We do not supply cymbals! Please bring your own or rent some from us.

All equipment listed is subject to availability.

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