Cancellation Policy

During current covid 19 health crisis we will accommodate all cancellations due to sickness and will issue a
credit if booking is prepaid.

If a confirmed booking needs to be cancelled the following Booking Cancellation Policy applies. We encourage
both artists and studios to communicate directly in the event of a cancellation as soon as possible. Contact us at
631 243 2377 to initiate a booking cancellation.

Cancellations are only refundable when-

-Not cancelled Within 48 hours of booking start time for video and recording services.

-Not cancelled Within 24 hours of booking start time for rehearsal services.

Please note all other cancellations and no show appointments will be charged for the original time

(No show appointments are Non-refundable.)


In some cases a booking may be rescheduled without fee if mutually agreed upon by Dare studios and client and
the booking complies with the above Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy Exemptions

When approved by both Dare Studios, the cancellation policy fees may be waived. Please immediately
Dare studios 631 243 2377.

You must agree to this Booking Cancellation Policy as part of the Terms of Service (Services Agreement) and
Community Guidelines when using the Dare studios website. If you do not agree to this policy, you must not
use the platform.

Dare studios will initiate all refunds, fees, or applicable payments in accordance with this policy. We also
reserve the right to collect any fees for cancellations in accordance with this Booking Cancellation Policy.

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