Through the years we have been asked the question-“Do you guys do promotional videos”? Well now the answer is absolutely YES! We do promotional videos.

Dare Studios is now providing professional video services. Our in-house video experts can plan, produce, and deliver high quality video solutions for both web presentation and traditional distribution formats.

Our comfortable recording stage is the perfect setting for a “live video” performance of your music. We shoot many angles of the performances and edit them selecting the most exciting parts of your performance.

Promotional videos are a must for today’s musicians to market their music.

We work closely with individual artists to visualize, write, and produce innovative work and we have all the creative skills and expertise to produce amazing videos for independent artists. We work alongside bands and solo artists to create videos that reflect their unique identity.

With Internet streaming it’s never been easier or faster for bands and solo artists to get their musical talents seen by millions of people around the world. Many highly successful musical careers have been launched as a result of promotional video streamed on YouTube.

Call us at (631)243-2377 to discuss your video project and take advantage of our latest discounts!