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Studio A



oom Size: Large (23' wide x 16' deep)

PA System
Fully accessible 16 channel mixer
Custom JBL playback monitors (double 15", 12" and 2" horn)
Shure SM-58 mics

CD recorder for free live recording of your session (blank CD not included) and CD playback system.

Guitar Amps & Cabinets
Marshal JCM-2000 w/Marshall cabinet
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier w/Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier cabinet
Roland JC120 2x12 combo amp (available by request)

Bass Amp
Ampeg SVT Pro w/Ampeg SVT cabinet

Drum Set
5 Piece Gretsch Catalina Birch set w/hardware (no cymbals)
We supply 4 boom stands, hi-hat stand, throne, kick drum pedal (double bass pedal upon request and availability at no additional cost)

All equipment listed is subject to availability.




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